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Dεѵliη Usнεг [userpic]
Regarding the Members Cut
by Dεѵliη Usнεг (the_archangel)
at October 12th, 2009 (02:52 pm)

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The members cut was performed today, cutting our ranks from approximately 640 to a mere 127 active, participating members.

The thing that ticks me off is that I know for a fact there are people who are active who just got cut because they don't follow directions very well. So to you who did comment, thank you very much for loving this comm and having respect for myself and Bethie. We may not say it often enough, but we really do love you guys and we're so damn glad you're here!

If you have been cut: Whether it be to your own negligence, or because I made a mistake somewhere (and believe me, I did make some mistakes lol! hopefully I caught them all), please feel free to reapply for membership.

Please understand that this is NOT going to become a regular thing. We don't mind at all if you're a lurker who never comments or posts. That's totally fine. What we were trying to do was weed out the people who never even looked at the comm, as well as any journals that had been abandoned by their owners. A member cut has never been done since the comm first opened so we felt it really needed it.

Again, thanks everyone for just being here, whether you're a creator, a commentor, a lurker, or anything else you wanna be. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dev & Bethie

616poisongirl [userpic]
50 Icons.
by 616poisongirl (616poisongirl)

50 WWE icons....with a couple randoms thrown in there.
Very Evan heavy.....thanks to rkofan78 for the kind use of his photobucket :D

25 Evan Bourne
1 Christian
1 Jack Swagger
1 Shawn Spears
3 Ted Dibiase
3 Legacy
2 Matt Hardy
2 Dolph Ziggler
2 vampiro
1 Chris Jericho
1 Cody Rhodes
5 Randy Orton
1 Jeff Hardy
1 The Miz
1 Carlito


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scoundrel ★ [userpic]
40 icons
by scoundrel ★ (xscreamsoflust)

HERE @ my journal.

616poisongirl [userpic]
50 Icons.
by 616poisongirl (616poisongirl)

50 WWE icons and 1 Jimmy jacobs :D

6 Evan Bourne
5 Ted Dibiase
13 Randy Orton
3 The Miz
7 Dolph Ziggler
3 Matt Hardy
3 Chris Jericho
3 Legacy
1 Jeff Hardy
3 Cody Rhodes
1 CM Punk
1 Christian
1 Jimmy Jacobs


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Sheamus O'Shaunessy
by I am Perfection: Dusti. (dustidelayfield)
at September 23rd, 2009 (04:42 pm)

100 Sheamus O'Shaunessy icons.
No hot linking.
Credit: viperousgfx or dustidelayfield


Celtic WarriorCollapse )

Ashley ♥'s Will [userpic]
by Ashley ♥'s Will (episkeyy)


(Icons + Banners)

noreen | A7X-SCHOOLIE ‹3 [userpic]
20 WWE Icons
by noreen | A7X-SCHOOLIE ‹3 (a7xschoolie)
at September 23rd, 2009 (11:28 pm)

20 WWE Icons


Post includes John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Natalya, Randy Orton, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy

The rest can be viewed HERE @ schoolie_gfx

MB Punk [userpic]
various wwe icons, friends only banner
by MB Punk (mbpunk)

22 icons of various WWE superstars.

1 friends only banner (WWE-related).


The rest are here @ 2nd_city_saint. Comment & credit please!

by I am Perfection: Dusti. (dustidelayfield)
at September 20th, 2009 (03:58 am)

30 CM Punk.
14 Chris Jericho.
10 Miz & Morrison.
13 Matt & Je
ff Hardy (1 Hardycest.)
13. Assorted Divas. (Bellas, Kelly Kelly, Jillian, Joy Giovanni, Katie Lea, Torrie Wilson.)

Please credit viperousgfx  when taking.

under the cutCollapse )

MB Punk [userpic]
Icons: Various Superstar Caricatures, CM Punk; WWE Entrance Theme Lyrics, CM Punk Quotes
by MB Punk (mbpunk)


rest are here at 2nd_city_saint, comment & credit please :)

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