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WWE LJ Icons

WWE Icons and Graphics

WWE Livejournal Icons
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WWE Livejournal Icons
Welcome to wwe_icons

Owned by bethie_p
Maintained by the_archangel & doeeyedbecky

Our layout was created by doeeyedbecky.

This community was created as a place to share or request WWE or wrestling-related LiveJournal Icons. Everybody is welcome to post or browse through ones posted by other members.

Please READ all rules prior to joining this community!!


- This community is set to moderated membership. When you request membership, we will first view your profile to see who you are, what you're about, who your friends are, etc etc etc. If your journal and/or profile are empty, you will not be accepted. We can not judge that which has nothing to be judged by.

- Everybody gets one fair warning if they break the rules. If you continue to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere after being warned once, you will be banned.

- Treat other community members with respect. Which means NO FIGHTING. Don't be rude. We are all adults here. If you act like a child, you will be treated like one and be banned until you grow up.

- Trolling is not tolerated. Trolls will have their posts/comments deleted and will also be banned. Remember: They will eat your children when you're not looking.

- Advertising is allowed, but they have to be icon/graphics related. That means personal icon lj's/communities, and wrestling icon contest communities. Don't post ads for communities just for a certain wrestler, diva, etc. If we see those kinds of ads, we will delete them.

- If your icons aren't up for grabs, then you should not be posting them in a public community. We are not responsible for what may/will happen if you take that risk.

- If a user asks for credit, give them credit. It's not like it's hard to do.

- When making a request, make a post for it - don't ask for it in a comment to someone else's, unless you're making a request to that specific user.

- If posting more than about four icons, or large images, PLEASE put them behind a LJ-Cut. Learn how to create an LJ-Cut by reading FAQ #75.

- Please, if you make a post with a variety of icons, please have 10 or more wrestling icons or you will be given a warning. This is a wrestling community after all.

- If you steal icons and/or bases presenting them as your own, it will result in automatic BAN. No questions asked! So please, DO NOT steal another person's work!

- You can only post YOUR OWN WORK. Do not post stuff made by someone else, even if you announce that it belongs to them. If that person wants their things posted, they can do it themselves.

- When making a journal icon post, please do NOT link it to a private journal and/or community, where you have to be friended or join in order to see the icons. If you do so, your post will be deleted.

- All icons must suit LiveJournal standards: 100x100 at the largest, 40kb or under, in jpg, gif, or png formats only.

- As of Aug 1, 2008, all entries must be appropriately tagged with the names of the wrestlers in your graphics. If you do not know how to tag entries, please read FAQ #226. If you post without tagging, you will be warned about not doing so. And if you continuously do not tag entries, we will delete your posts until you do. :)

- The following types of journals are not allowed:
01. RPG journals
02. "Community only" journals
03. Journals that are never updated. (you must have updated at least once in 2012)
04. Journals that have no friends.
05. Multiple instances of journals (people who have 2 journals, both in the comm).
06. Journals that have been closed.
07. Journals made only for modding another comm(s).

Questions? Comments? Feel free to post them in the community!

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